Will be available during 2021


Fullbase is a full-stack code generating framework. You define the data model and
workflows - and Fullbase turns that into code.

SQL Server / C# .NET Core + Entity Framework / Svelte + TypeScript

Let Fullbase do all the tedious and finicky things. Then focus on building all the fun, creative and stimulating stuff yourself! You can rest assure that Fullbase writes highly efficient code - and no sloppy bugs.

More databases will be supported in the future; Postgres, MySQL, Oracle...

More backends will be available in the future, like Python/Django and  NodeJs.


Code generation

Check out what type of code that is generated.

Code generation


Database tables and views are created automatically. Fullbase automatically patches QA and Production databases upon deploy.

Code generation


APIs are created for communicating with frontend.

Queries are created automatically based on selected tables/views. Get and Save are both available. Any type of query will have a matching Save function.

Code generation


Code is generated to communicate with backend. REST-calls, corresponding Typescript-classes and Svelte-stores.